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    The World of Warships competitive community proudly presents:


    King of the Sea Tournament III


    General rules:

    • 9 vs. 9, Tier 8
    • 12 members per team
    • Up to 3 teams per clan/community
    • Max 48 Teams
    • Half of participating teams will receive a reward
    • Map pool: Shards, Neighbors, Warriors Path, Trap, Loop, Trident, Haven (Diamond)

    By signing up, you agree to abide by all tournament rules

    • Full tournament rules can be found here.
    • All team captains are required to join the tournament Discord server. Join here
    • If the team is inactive and not responding to the administrators/fails to join the Discord server within 3 days of being accepted, their spot will go to another team.
    • Quarterfinalists from the previous King tournament are guaranteed a spot and a seed

    Signup rules

    • Signups open 2017-04-30 18:00
    • Signups close 2017-05-04 23:59‚Äč
    • To sign up you need to provide a minimum of 9 player names
    • The tournament has a max of 48 teams in total
    • Free spots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis


    Roster changes

    • Three changes allowed in week 1, and three in week 2
    • Use this form to request the changes
    • Deadline 23:59 of the day before your next match